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I am passionate about sharing my EXPERIENCES, LESSONS and KNOWLEDGE of professional football with you.

I want to EDUCATE and SUPPORT those involved in the game at any capacity.

I also want to give those outside of the footballing world an INSIGHT into the journey.

Latest from the blog


Throughout the world, footballers are idolised and whether you are playing in non-league or you are representing your country, you are likely to be the envy of many. Some would give anything to live the life of a professional player.…

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The Way Of Life For A Footballer

When you hear football lifestyle you may think of exotic holidays, high-end restaurants and luxury cars. Yes, all of these are perks for SOME but what about the way we have to live every day, to ensure we can perform…

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The 6-week Follow-up Appointment

PART 4 With the recovery underway, all I could do was my simple range of movements, keep the leg elevated and rest the knee as much as possible until my follow-up appointment with the specialist at the 6-week mark. 4…

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