10 Things That Will Make You A Great Teammate As A Professional Footballer?

Football is a team game and as nice as individual awards and accolades are, those achievements wouldn’t be possible without teammates! So what makes a great teammate and how can you make sure you’re having a positive impact on those around you?

Great teammates are reliable

One player can’t win a game of football on their own, you have to rely on teammates doing their jobs within the team. You have to be trustworthy off of the pitch but you must also be dependable in your performances. Consistency plays a key role, the more consistent you can be, the better the chances of team success.

You can be reliable in your performances but also in your behaviours off of the pitch: timekeeping, living professionally and remaining focused are all examples of proving you can be counted on.

Great teammates are hardworking

Be willing to work tirelessly for yourself but also the team. On and off of the pitch you have to put in the work to see success on the pitch. Have a hunger to go beyond what is required of you and constantly push yourself to be a better player and teammate. Successful teams aren’t able to have players in the team not pulling their own weight.

Image by Richard Blaxall

Great teammates are selfless

As the famous saying goes: “there is no I in team’. You have to be willing to put the needs of the team and teammates before your own, even if it means sacrificing yourself. Individual awards and recognition is amazing but it’s a great feeling when you achieve with the people you graft with.

Great teammates are positive

Energies are infectious and the more positive energies you can have within a team, the better the spirit and feeling around the club will be. When the team is going through a bad spell, your positive attitude can be inspiring and lift the spirits of those around you. If you are left out of the team or are out injured, sulking and moping around won’t benefit anyone. You have to ensure that you’re not bringing morale down with negativity.

Ask not what your teammates can do for you. Ask what you can do for your teammates.

Magic Johnson

Great teammates are accountable

Take responsibility for your actions and your mistakes. As easy as it is, you can’t pass the buck or blame others when things get tough and you are struggling. You are a part of a team and that means you have to take responsibility for the things you are in control of, to give the team the best chance of success. If everyone in the team takes control of the things within their power, the team will be in a much stronger position to win games.

Great teammates are always honest

You have to be honest with yourself and your performances but you also have to be honest with your teammates. If you feel players aren’t giving it their all and feel someone can be doing better, then for the sake of the team you have to let them know. One thing that you must always remember when giving criticism is to never make it personal!

Great teammates show respect

You’re not going to be best friends with everyone in your team but despite your differences, you still have to respect them as your teammate. Everyone will have differing beliefs and opinions but you have to respect other peoples views and not let them affect performances.

Respect for your teammates can also be shown in the way you conduct yourself on and off of the pitch. If you are looking after your body and making sure you are as best prepared as possible every day, you are showing that you respect the requirements of being a part of a team.

Great teammates communicate well

It’s a team game and you have to be able to communicate well with everyone. If you aren’t communicating well then relationships are going to break down, on and off of the pitch.

How you deliver messages of criticism are important and you have to understand your teammates before addressing situations because everyone handles it differently. Some need a loving arm around them, whilst some will benefit more from a sterner and harsher approach.

Great teammates are humble

Remaining grounded will allow your teammates to thrive, as well as yourself. Regardless of your ability and whether you are the star of the team, football is a team sport. The needs of the team have to come before yours and whilst you may be flying high one minute, the next you can be going through your own struggles. Teammates will have more time and respect for you when you are humble, than when you place your importance above the team.

Image by David Loveday

Great teammates lead by example

Be someone who teammates look up to and aspire to be like. Not just on the pitch but off of the pitch too. Your behaviours, your attitude and your work rate are all things in which you can lead by example and push the standards of your teammates even higher. If you are constantly raising your standards, your teammates around you will automatically look to raise theirs, which will result in a more competitive environment and increase the chances of success for the team.

There is no doubt that this list could go on and on but I believe these 10 things are essential to being a great teammate. If you can implement these into your game and add them to your skills set then you’ll be able to bring more than just ability to the team. Be the teammate you want to have in the team!

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